Post Election Blues

I think anyone who knows me well, realizes that the election annoyed me. There was too much wrong with almost every aspect, in every corner. I have friends who have experience post election racism in their face. Anyone who has a friend who is other than white and male, know that those friends are subject to subtle or obvious harassment or racism. Not just people of color but women are impacted too. That 72 cents to the $1? I know it well. Watching male peers who have less experience and skills than you get promoted while unqualified? I know that well too.

What I don't know is why these plastic ants were the artistic direction at an outdoor mall where I was working in Mexico City.  They're up on the glass looking down at all the shoppers. Maybe they're annoyed and tired of people stepping on their insect cousins.
Maybe the march of two by two has to start with us. One person can't keep a movement going. They have to have a second join in, who the gets others to join. So that a march can begin. Change will continue to happen. 
Until we're too big to ignore.