Legoland Marathon Mile

After 20+ years of living by Legoland, even watching it get built, I finally stepped inside the park courtesy of the Kids Marathon Mile.

Legoland is expensive. $90 to get in, sometimes a $15 discount for SoCal residents. Once a year during the weekend of the Carlsbad Marathon, Legoland has a 1 mile Kid's Run through the park. For $20 you get a glimpse of what the park has to offer and a free day ticket for Kid's 12 and under. Adults get a 50% discount.  That's a great savings for anyone who wants to bring a family to Legoland and save a bank account of money.
For me, the walk/run was enough. The course was roped off and fast paced. Stopping to take pictures wasn't easy with the large crowd of runners. We didn't go by the Star Wars area which was what I had hoped to see. It's a charming park but truly meant for small children and even at 50% off, I decided to pass on the offer just to take pictures for a few minutes.

Note to parents - lay off the kids.  Just because it's called a Run, it's not timed and is only for fun. Too many parents were pushing their children to run, run, run, when the little tykes obviously were not in shape for running a mile. Tears happened.
This glamorous Lego Lady and her little dog were near the finish line. That was my only Lego photo op. I'm glad I woke up early and did this. Legoland - been there, done that.


  1. What an exciting day for you. Someday I'll make it there. Probably with Capri and family.


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