Museum Of Making Music - Carlsbad, CA

Continuing the January theme of staying close to home, I made the short drive to (finally) check out the Museum Of Making Music. The 5 exhibit rooms show case music from 1900 to today.  The stories of some of the instruments are told through their development and retail history. With a design for everyone it's part history and part learning. There is a room dedicated to hands-on, learn with a video instructor, via headset and a tablet.  As expected, that room is a big hit. Sadly, I did not come away as a skilled drummer in my 5 minute session.
There are plenty of opportunities to listen to music samples in each room. Hang out in one of the acoustic rooms and press buttons away to your heart's content.
I like music and music history. This small museum entertained me for about 55 minutes. If you have children, plan on spending most of your time in the hands-on room. If you have minimal interest in music you might breeze through here in 20 minutes. Parking is free, general admission $10.


  1. I thought you had to travel to Vienna to see stuff like this.


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