With Liberty and Justice for All

I'm lucky. Everyone reading this is lucky. Simply due to the randomness of the universe we were born into a great country. We have freedom. We have rights. We haven't been ruled by tyranny since the American Revolution freed us from colonial rule. All of this makes it too easy to armchair and second guess the rest of the world. We can't. We don't life in a place where getting by is an act of survival. Where there's limited food, water, electricity, safety. Where you don't know if your children will grow up or if they'll die tomorrow by gun fire. Where the people in power are powerless. Where the people in power are the ones who want to kill you. Where you won't speak up because of fear of reprisal. We don't know what that's like.
What we do know is compassion. We know to treat each other as we want to be treated. We know that most our ancestors came from somewhere else. We are a nation built on the strength of the ones who came before us. We will survive on the strength of those who come after us. When isolation and fear of the outside world becomes the norm, we will wither and weaken. I have a voice and it says the actions of the administration are wrong. "indivisible, with liberty and justice for all" will no longer be true if the current path continues. The answers are in our hearts. I hope our hearts are strong.