Backtrack Post - Flying into Salt Lake City August 12

Last weekend the flight into Salt Lake City was almost picture perfect. While not crystal clear, the view was good and my window seat photos weren't blocked by the airplane wing.  The lake can almost be seen and the copper mine is coming up.
I went to this mine once and watched the trucks all driving around, moving the earth, hauling out the rocks. It was far more fascinating than I though possible to see all the work that revolves around mining. There's a viewing area and information center should you ever be there and decide to check it out.
The great Salt Lake comes up next. Blue with white salt. This must be the most un-touristy destination in all of Utah. I went floating in the water once, long before it became too something - dirty, mucky, smelly. I don't know but I'm glad I swam there once and that was enough.