Invisalign with Yertle - August

Slowly marching on with the Invisalign. I'm on Tray 19 of 21. While I'm looking forward to Sept. 5 when it all comes off, I sense refinement trays are in my future. All the top teeth have been pushed out so much that it's almost too much. Except for one tooth that somehow seems to be in the exact same place and is now out of balance.  Unless something drastic happens with the lower teeth and soon, (such as moving out far enough where they're supposed to be) I'm going to have an overbite that will have to be pushed back. At the end of all this, the lower tray is still tight to put on. It almost feels like it did in the beginning. It must be a combination of the final push and my final impatience to not have to deal with eating, brushing, flossing, and dealing with the trays on airplanes and airports. Bring on September 5th when I'm back at the dentist!