A Brief Stay in Kansas City

I know I drove through Kansas City once but didn't get off the freeway to explore. So in my first realy stop there, I found myself eating and drinking far more than normal because the culinary experience in this city is pretty good.  It's not often there's a food edition on this blog!

This was an appetizer as dinner. Hash rounds, smothered in pepperjack queso, sour cream, bbq shredded pork and topped with guacamole. Beer on the side. Worthy of the food porn moniker.
My view as I ate was an event area across the street. The Kansas City Chiefs had a home game and the water was dyed red in their honor. Good thing they won the game! 
I had to walk off the food and wandered downtown. I didn't find any street art but a wall of books was something I hadn't seen before.
Craft beer is booming. Boulevard is the city's pride and the Pale Ale was the original and tasty!
The chocolates were a gift. The purple one on the left was a liquid caramel center infused lavender infused. You wouldn't think that would taste good but omg, it did. I still have two left to try. Christopher Elbow Chocolates check them out.
The conclusion is that if I go back, I better lose weight first because this is a city that wants to make you indulge.


  1. It the city worth spending a long weekend there?

    1. No there's not enough to do.


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