Barrio Logan Weekend

Sometimes I wonder if my life can get any stranger and the answer is always, "why yes, it can!" I do to myself and truly, I can't help it. I get an idea and have to see where it goes and what happens.  This takes me to my birthday weekend (tomorrow 4/28) and the idea to do something new.

But why do 1 thing new when you can do 2?

First up - Airbnb. It's not my thing since I'm all about the hotel points and free stays. Since I sold my house though, I thought, why not try out Airbnb and use it to explore neighborhoods? Then I thought, why not go someplace where you've never been and even dismissed the area as having no reason to exist?

So here I am in Barrio Logan in a little loft that's quite charming, on a street that looks sketchy, and basically fish out of water. Essentially I seem to have come full circle in my life because when I was 8 or 9 and in Camp Fire Girls, my Indian name was Fish Out of Water. I've long since forgot how it was spelled or pronounced in what ever Indian language was used but at this moment I understand the sentiment.

Oddly today was one of my most productive work days in a long time. What I've learned from this loft space is that  I like high ceilings with open light. I had that at my house but that wasn't in my office area and it makes a difference.
 There's artwork all over this industrial loft and it does inspire creativity.
 The sleeping area is the 3/4 room from "Being John Malkovich" but the mattress is really comfy.
 You can't even tell that I'm about to bump my head on the upper loft ceiling. I also see that I could have used a brush and some makeup.
 This place is right by Border X Brewing and they have a tasty chocolate stout.
 Inside at Border X. After 24 hours I feel okay with where I am and getting around BL. This weekend brings on the fun, in group lunch and two days of Padres games!