Laguna Beach

I don't know why it took me a lifetime to go to Laguna Beach. It's only a short drive north of San Diego and I'm in the OC all the time. I've always thought of this as a really remote place and it is and isn't. Now that I've sold my house and am not quite ready to buy a new one, I decided to explore.
A place that's know for the Festival of Arts there wasn't as much art around town as I was expecting. There are dozens of art studios though and if you enjoy browsing around a true art community then this town is for you.
Walking and exercise with a great view is what people who don't want to wander art galleries do. This is me.
Sculptures at sunrise. I'm glad I stayed there for a couple niights. It's a beautiful beach and easy exercising but unless you are really into art, overall it can be boring.  If you like art, it's the best place ever.
Now if I owned a home on the cliff overlooking the ocean, I'd totally want to live here just for the view! This is an expensive town for real estate.


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