The last episode of Enterprise pretty much summed up why the show was cancelled. After an overall excellent 5th season, the creative helm was snatched back by those who ruined Enterprise in the first place and together they produced a dud!

Did we really need to see obese Riker & Troi trying to act as if they were 15 years younger and still working for Picard? Did we really care about Riker's mental anguish? After all, in the Trek universe they're married and Riker has his own command. Get with the timeline Trek controllers!

I really enjoyed the last season of Enterprise under the writing and direction of Manny Coto. It was a shame that he was not allowed to write or direct the series finale. Let's hope that Berman and Bragga have nothing to do with any future Trek endeavors.


  1. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!!!!! riker and troi were completely un-neccesary and they should have stuck to what made the last season so much more interesting than the previous four seasons! UGH! i'm kinda glad it is gone... with too many inconsistencies, it was starting to give trek a bad name. i think the powers that be are on burnout and this break will be good for everyone. even the fans. now i'm gonna go watch the ST: voyager disks i just got in netflix :)


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