Hagia Sophia Museum

Upon entering the Hagia Sophia Museum the first impression is of the vastness of the size. The structure is large and one would expect it to be the same inside but the words of the tourist were of surprise. The main attraction is the ceiling decor, the mosiacs, and the odd combination of mixed religious icons. 
Built in the 6th century as a church, later converted to a mosque, destroyed and rebuilt several times the museum can either be a 20 minute power photo session (like mine) or a good hour if you explore the grounds.
With the sun making a rare outing today, plenty of light shown through the stained glass and focal point for the room.
Dating from the 9th century, this mosiac of the Virgin and Child is faded and up to the imagination.
 The Mimbar for the mosque was crafed in the 16th century
If you go, the entry was 20 TL and a 15 minute line wait. For the price, spend more time there or use this as an alternate site to the Blue Mosque for a less crowded experience.


  1. Must be nice to explore something other than a Cathedral (not that there is anything wrong with Cathedrals).


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