Play Ball!

April. A month of promise and hope in the world of baseball. When we can still cheer for our teams and not be bogged down by the weight of defeat. As a Padres fan, I find it strange that my first game of the season each year has often been at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. So once again I found myself at the Hardee's suite.

 The suite has a great view of both the arch and the playing field. Everywhere you look the fans are lost in a sea of red as almost everyone supports their team. Except me. I can't support the rival team after all.
 Inside the suite you are oddly disconnected from the game. You have to step outside into the box to hear the crack of the ball and the cheer of the crowd. Tonight was exceptionally loud as the Cardinals were winning and the Nationals, close but no victory.
 Thank-you Hardee's for a night of baseball!