Post Tornado

I am safe. As some of you may have heard my airport karma decided to put me right smack where a tornado decided to touch down last night at St. Louis Airport. We had no notice other than the Weather Channel warning earlier in the day and the Weather Channel had it right on schedule. Just didn't know where the tornado would land. As the sirens went off downtown, the airport was quiet...until it was not.

I'll post a debrief later but am still processing this now.  Cars and airplanes really do lift up off the ground and land somewhere else. Clothing, items in your hands really do get ripped off and out. I will never be near a window again when a tornado warning is posted.


  1. Oh, my! I'm very glad you are safe!

  2. Right after that the tornado increased to an EF4 and touched down in a residential area, wiping out most of the houses. Amazingly, no deaths or serious injuries.


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