Flu Shot - Check! Suitcases packed - Check!

September 5. School is back in session and most of the tourists departed. This is the perfect time to be in San Diego. I've got in three sunset beach walks this week and the water is warm enough to be in the ocean.

I'm going to miss my favorite time of year.

Preparation for the next round included that much needed flu shot. Don't knock it until you're in some random country and everyone has the flu but you.

Suitcase 1 is packed and ready for tomorrow's trip to Canada. Oh, 3:30 am wake up alarm, how I'm not looking forward to you!

Suitcase 2 is packed and ready for Indonesia in 12 days, or 36 hours after I return home from Canada.

Set of winter clothes is somewhat organized for Denmark in October.

Let the marathon begin!