Life in Jakarta

Traffic. More Traffic. Motorcycles. Fight for a lane to get 3 feet ahead of another car. Worse than Los Angeles, we make our daily plans based on traffic and almost nothing else. I don't see much of the city other than the view from a car window of the car next to me. When I get home next week and get mad at traffic I am going to have to remember how bad it is here.

The day to day routine is work with in a restaurant with the manager and coach them for success. I don't know who is more tired at the end of the day, me or my people. I'm pretty sure it's them but they are being good sports, even working the weekend so we can observe peak business hours.

Today is Sunday and it's official get out and exercise day. The road by my hotel is closed until 11 am and is only open to bicycles and pedestrian traffic. Someone with a microphone and music encourages everyone to stay motivated. It's hot outside and I didn't bring shorts so I put on my headsets and joined the mall walkers this morning.  When in Jakarta.....

90 minutes of relaxation time left before I get to enjoy the gridlock of getting to work! It's yoga time!