And back on the Road!

No time to rest. 3 nights at home was as good as it was going to get. I took off Sunday morning to Washington DC for an overnight and then boarded a flight Monday to Denmark. Many hours later, I'm in the first of several hotels for this stay. Something is happening in the city and the hotels are either sold out or super expensive. So it's hotel hopping time. I'm close to the airport and looking out one window I can see air traffic control and the bridge to Sweden.
 Looking out the other window, homes, businesses, and the sea. Oh, and I have a car. It's not like driving in the US or Canada. I'm sure I broke at least one traffic violation going the 2 miles to the hotel. The lanes are a bit crazy but at least it's driving on the right side of the road. Tomorrow will be the test when I have to drive 1 hour. The new GPS worked well on it's first outing.


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