Blog Action Day - Human Rights

This year's #BAD is one tough topic - Human Rights. Guidance on writing about today comes from sources of the UN doctrine on Human Rights and Amnesty International's position.Great sweeping statements that have never reached the millions of people living in poor conditions, in camps or tents, or under threat of death or rape by what ever group is currently controlling the drug/money/illegal arms trade in any number of countries.

Human Rights for all people can't change until the world as a whole changes. There is not much that I can do to stop one group of people from killing another. Even the United States can't stop dictatorships, coups, civil wars, and the mind set of the people who perform those acts.

Human Rights is based on the idea that all people agree with this idea. So how to change the idea? How does one girl in Pakistan go to be a hero while countless others are still made child brides at 8 years old? Can the one girl go back and initiate change or will she be killed within hours of her return to Pakistan and then forgotten?

So this is too much for you and me.

We have to start with our own little world. Treat each other with respect and empathy. Spread that out to everyone we meet. Be nice to the over worked and under paid waiter, front desk clerk, airline counter employee who just wants to make a living and feed their family. Set little ripples in motion that can grow. Do the same when you travel, be kind. Or in the words of Bill and Ted "Be Excellent to one another."

This will be my goal for today. Be nice and grateful for each person that I come across. Thank-you for reading this post on Blog Action Day. :)


  1. Well said. The key is kindness. To everyone and also to ourselves. I think we often forget that last part, but it's important, too. Every person on the planet started out as an innocent, a blank slate; what they are now is a result of how they have been treated in one way or another. Imagine if everyone were treated with kindness and respect their whole lives... Great post; thank you!


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