Rental Car Blues

Time for a confession! I got to learn the hard way about handling rental car problems in Denmark. Back story - I had to rent two cars for the last trip, from two companies, both cars automatic so everyone could drive the. Had a Ford Focus that ran sluggish and a VW Jetta that was horrible at low speeds but great at high speeds. The Focus is a non-issue other than the rental car company didn't update the new return date and I've been getting panicked calls on where is their car?

But the Jetta. Sad story, not sure how it will end.

The rental car agreement said "Unleaded Fuel."  So after a week of driving it, the time came to put in fuel. I went to the pump (I can now pump fuel with Danish touchpads) and I set it all up and grabbed the unleaded pump and filled up the tank. As I finished up and closed the gas door, I noticed some very disturbing words.

"Diesel Fuel"

I checked the agreement and sure enough it said "Unleaded Fuel." I did what anyone would do. I ignored it and drove the car back to work, picked up someone, went to the hotel and parked the car. The next morning, the car did not want to drive very well. Hmmm. I guess there is something to this.

So I went to Avis (in the other car) showed them the agreement and explained what I had done. To their credit, they accepted the liability and didn't charge me. A tow truck came for the car, it got serviced at a local dealer, I picked it up and drove it again. Lesson learned - check all details twice.
The Tow Truck arrives. What an unexpected moment in my life.


  1. I thought that car tanks and gas nozzles were designed so that you couldn't use a non-diesel pump in a diesel car and vice-versa. Maybe it is just that way in the US. Hope it all turns out well for you.


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