Week Wrap Up

The eye is healing I guess. I'm starting to cut out the stitches as they get exposed. I'm not sure if the doctor is supposed to do that but the stitches are plastic-like and having them poke my eyelid is annoying. I tried pulling them out but got the ouch message loudly from part of my eyelid so they stay for now till the healing is done. I'm on to an even smaller bandage now so good news there.

3 weeks and counting now! I like being able to pre-book shore excursions online. It's sort of a pre-budget plan. It turns out the only place I'm doing ship tours is Ireland, the rest of the ports are all independent activities. Mr. & Mrs. OB are meeting us in Le Havre to go to Normandy.

I'm not sure what this weekend will bring but I'm determined to get to Snooze restaurant in Hillcrest and finally try the pineapple upside-down pancakes! Each time I go the wait is over 1 hour so the goal on Sunday is to get there at 7 am when they open. Wish me luck!