Jerusalem - Islamic Sites

The Al Aqsa Mosque is the holy spot in the old city for the Muslims. Situated to one side of the Western Wall this close proximity and need to share space isn't always peaceful. What was new to me was how much the Crusaders influenced this area when they were occupying it from 1099 for the next 9 decades.
In this photo below, the bottom left corner shows people going to the Western Wall. Separation is only the walls and the winding walkways.

On the other side of the Western Wall is the Dome of the Rock which is a shrine build over a sacred rock where Muslims believe the Prophet Mohammad ascended to heaven. Walk 10 minutes from here and you'll find where Jesus took a similar trip.
Looking out to the city beyond the walls from one of the lookout points.
The area on this side of the old city is undergoing archaeological excavations. Even today there's more to be found underground