Natural History Museum - Milan

I know I'm in Milan and I should be at the Duomo. I'm not. After all my great stops I am on brain overload and can't take another cathedral, church, or crowd. And it's sweltering hot and everyone is hoping for the promised thunderstorm.

What to do? For a mere 4.50 euro, head off to the air conditioned Natural History Museum. The building is large, and all maybe 15 of us who were there had the run of the place. To all that, this is a pretty good natural history museum. The special exhibit was Dinosaurs!

And let's not forget to see the fossils!
And because it's an environmentally conscious place, the dangers of global warming and pollution.
For one hour of wandering, this place is worth a visit if you enjoy natural history. My day started with the best intentions on the hop-on-hop-off but it was crowded and I didn't have a great seat. So when I was able to take a picture, it looked like this: