Vilnius, Lithuania

As I mentioned yesterday, I had to exit Belarus for an overnight. Since this is a work trip that meant I had to spend as little time away as possible.  Luckily the sun sets late so even though I arrived at 7:30 pm, I still had 90 minutes of light to explore the Old Town.  It's a mix of different church styles and so much so that you'd think Vilnius was the capital of religion in it's day.
There's a castle that I would have loved to explored but the downside of arriving late is everything is closed.
More church.
And for as pretty as it looks, Vilnius isn't really that great. Many of the buildings are not kept up and even on some of the church properties, the opposite side of the wall is covered in graffiti. I wouldn't call it street art since most of it is tagged and retagged.