Jerusalem - look up and look across

Mount of Olives - I was walking outside the old city walls in the hope of finding the Lion Gate entrance back in that would put me by a couple of churches that I wanted to see.  Some of the gates you go right in and others have security checks. My goal was no more security checks having done two already. (I failed to find what I was looking for and went back in via security check.) But I looked across and thought "hey, that's famous! It's the big Jewish cemetery at Mount Olivet!" And it was.  This is iPhone fail where I wished I had a real camera with me.
Below: Also on the Mount - to the right is the Church of St. Mary Magdalene with the onion domes. The building on the lower left is Gethsemane where the Basilica of Agony might have been built over a rock where Jesus prayed before his death.  Some of this geography isn't making logical sense with all the churches claiming this and that but the tons of tour buses bring people in and solidify the story.
Back inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher - looking up gives you a dome view.
Looking across gives you the pipes.
And looking down gives you camouflage cat.