Each day there is another sign that it's time to sell the condo. Yesterday, it was the dead mouse at my doorstep, courtesy of the local mouser. Normally I am happy to see another one gone but trails of blood are not exactly the signal to potential buyers to come on in! This morning, no mouse but there was guts. I scrubbed up the doorstep again and then crushed in some of the herbal cat repellent into the concrete. Hopefully tomorrow, I won't be greeted by the spoils of the overnight hunt.

Then I realized that I could see into my neighbor's garage this morning via the common wall. The new renters have either been hammering nails into the wall or have found new ways to destroy something just because it exists. Luckily they seem to have packed up for a road trip for hopefully the entire week.

The person who lives in the property next to the condos was spouting nonsense about suing us because the pine tree needles from our trees are about to cause his roof to cave in. That's pretty funny from the person who's fence is falling down on our side of the property.

I'm packed, I'm ready, and I have a nice long trip planned in January which is the ideal time to move. I just need a buyer.