It's that December crunch time! I only had one present to mail and I decided that it was worth the big bucks to mail it UPS next day air, just to get it under the tree in time for Sunday! Christmas cards - well I struck out there. I managed to write and post 6 cards from Samoa and now I think I'll have to check out New Year's Cards instead.

One good sign is that there were no presents of the mice kind at my doorstep this morning. Of course there were no potential homebuyers at the doorstep either. The condo has now been on the market for 21 days. The last one took 53 to sell so I guess I only have 31 more to go before I start to worry.

Tomorrow is the offical first day of winter. I'm glad that I get to welcome it in, California style!


  1. I'm with you on the cards. After making all of mom and dad's cards my cards were also put on the back burner.


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