I'm at the Honolulu airport and happily wired on Java Chip Frap! Last night I went to the Dragonfly club for a party and ended up experiencing the world of foam, or in this case, substitute snow. A friend of a friend had a small gathering for 800 people and put on a great stage show complete with Santa and friends, break dancers, strange mime-ish people and a full on gospel choir to put us in Christmas cheer. I left with soap bubbles soaked in my clothes and glitter in my hair. I'm fairly certain that I might still have a few random glitter sparkles still in my hair but oh well.

I started with an early morning at LAX and I did not want to get up. Luckily the flight starts out with hangover fixers and the first glass of champagne was served before we left. I'm now chilling at HNL while I wait for the flight to Pago Pago. Tomorrow's blog will come from American Samoa!


  1. I've had my clothes soaked with foam too (but no glitter) - they take a long time to dry out.


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