King Kong

Let's get right to it! King Kong is a massive 3 hour remake that is faithful to the intent of the original 1933 movie. If you are a fan of that movie then you will probably love this version. If you are new to Kong and are only going because it's "the thing," then you might be bored at times, and find your suspension of disbelief constantly challenged.

Peter Jackson's King Kong is not an A+ movie by any means. It's over 3 hours long and the pacing is slow. There are extended scenes of Skull Island and it's creatures that start of lose their impact over a period of repetition. One or two giant centipedes, disgusting. Add in another dozen and it's overkill. Same for the giant mosquitos and all the other insectiods. There is something missing from a movie when you find yourself rooting for the dinosaurs over Kong. So much time was spent on the dinosaurs I started to think that Peter Jackson remade the wrong movie. While the visuals were cool, Kong was missing from the scene.

Where the movie does well is with the characters played by Jack Black and Adrian Brody. They both protray the intent director and reluctant writer-hero in a way that gives the characters a full personality. Each time they are on the screen, the story picks back up. Naomi Watts does not fare so well as her character Ann must be one of the most simple-headed blondes out there. It doesn't help that most of her close-up shots are of her wide-eyed expression as she stares at the green screen.

The visuals are stunning but even a sunset can detract from the story. I liked the recreation of New York in 1933. The movie was uneven for me and I went back and forth from being in the moment to having "yeah right" moments. I won't share those with you now but I'm looking forward to the usual fan chat later on.