Amsterdam - The Heineken Experience

What should one do after flying all night, little sleep, and no food? Go to the Heineken Experience as soon as it opens at 11:00 am of course! For 15 euro you get a fun, self-guided tour, and 2.5 beers! Oh, and the sample of wort.  Don't try it. Trust me.
The great thing about going at 11:00 am is that you are not competing with anyone for photo ops. The group tours have not arrived and you can go as fast as you want to get to the beer at the end.
 A ride?  "Brew You"? With a warning? Must do.
Or not. No Star Tours ride this. A short video with some effects. Fun for kids except no kids on this tour. Skip it if the wait is long and go straight to the tasting room.
After the tasting room you can move on and play some games or go to the end of the tour and have your two free beers. It was a great place to relax and for 15 euro, probably cheaper for 2.5 beers than going to a pub.

Stadhouderskade 78
1072 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands
020 5239222 


  1. You look like you're having so much fun. We did a similar whiskey tour in Edinburgh with the ride and all...I'd definitely prefer the beer...


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