Saturday Morning Tamarack

Hot weather led to some bug swarming at the beach which was not fun for walking but the birds seemed to enjoy some good eating. The water was clear enough that even at a distance the reflections of the birds can be seen in the water.
 The downside of all of this is you gotta watch out for flying poopers!


  1. DebbyMc3:59 PM

    Love your gull pics. Hasn't the weather been glorious? Thanks for your comment. My mom touched so many people, some I never even knew about until after she was gone and they told me what she'd meant to them. I miss her every single day. Funny about the abalone shells, they make me think of her, too. I have one on my patio purely for that reason. =-) She would tell me whenever she saw or heard from you or any of the neighborhood kids; she was always so pleased. Since I never saw you after you all moved away I still think of you as a sweet little blondie with beautiful big eyes and a great little giggle. =-) Very nice to hear from you via our blogs...ahh, technology =-)


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