Quail (San Diego) Botanic Garden - Sculptures

Sculptures are featured throughout the park and depending on your taste, you will like or dislike as you go.
The early history of this park was that it was a farm, then home to a plant collector, Ruth Larabee. Larabee donated the property to San Diego.
You can even picnic in the park but please, clean up your mess. (yes, people were leaving stuff everywhere)
 I've never seen plant people like this before!
 I figured I better throw in a Century Cactus before you forget this is a garden too.
 Still here?  A Gaudi inspired sculpture in the banana tree section.


  1. I am going to have to take myself on an artist's date to the Garden soon. I love the "bubbles on a skewer" sculpture. And the "Gaudi skirt". Gaudi is one of my faves.


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