No Strings Attached

We're back to the category of "I saw it, so you don't have to." No Strings Attached has given me new respect for the people who make the movie trailers because that trailer is great. Sadly, all 30 seconds of fun are in that trailer and the remaining 107.5 minutes are a disaster.

Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman star as two semi-acquainted people who decide to have a sex only relationship. We've got Kevin Kline as a disaster of a father who sleeps with his son's ex-lovers and an eccentric circle of friends on all sides that make for a mess of a movie.  The awkward sex dialogue makes me wonder how the actors didn't stab themselves in the gut with the pen that wrote the movie.

No Strings Attached is a romantic comedy gone bad in every sense. Even worse, Cary Elwes of Princess Bride fame, the world's Westley had some loser doctor role. Another sad choice.

I didn't have much to like about No Strings Attached. The dog was okay. The movie ended. The music was well done, I'll give it that. How bad was this? Some grandma started texting during the movie and no one cared.

Don't go see it. I know it's a bad movie weekend but don't give in to weakness like I did. Choose better.