Quail (San Diego) Botanic Garden

I live in a tourist city but like most people, have never been to many of the places that exist right down the road. Quail Botanical Gardens in Encinitas is one of those for me.  Opened first in 1971, the gardens have gone through various name changes and is now the San Diego Botanic Garden.
 Over 35 acres, the gardens offer a good 90 minute walk that takes you off the busy San Diego streets and provides some quiet and nature.
Flowers, trees, cactus, and even quail are found in the gardens and small sections are dedicated to places all over the world.  Today seemed to be flower day. I didn't pay attention to what country each was from. Today, they all seem to be SoCal locals.
 I did make Aussie Mac get her photo taken in the Australian Garden.
Even the weeds are looking good enough to be in a photo.
Entry info:  $12.00 adults, parking $2.00. http://www.sdbgarden.org/


  1. I agree, it really is a beautiful place. Went to a wedding there once. I love the "weed" (oxalis, I believe)...my mom used to let those take over sometimes because she couldn't bear to pull them up, being that they were so pretty. Wildflower or weed...hmmm...=-)

  2. I was watching a show on PBS about Heritage Park. I think I've heard of it but never been there and the houses look very picture-worthy.


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