40,000 is a sad number

That's how many miles I've flown this year. Normally at this time, I'm at 80,000 and starting to slow down. Now I'm in a 60,000 mile panic to December 31 because I need 1K to keep that wonderful airline status. So from here on out when I'm not traveling for work, I'll be doing weekend blitzes.

First up is Saturday where I'm off to Wichita, Kansas. Why? I've never been there and it was cheap and within 2 time zones. I can leave on Saturday morning and be back on Monday afternoon and still have plenty of time to see everything that I would want to see there.

Even with a concentrated effort this is going to be tough. My next few work trips are all short hauls - Toronto, Guatemala, and Honduras. Heck, the way it's going I might not even go home between Central American gigs and that won't help in the quest!

Oddly enough for the lack of frequent flyer miles, I have a huge abundance of hotel points due to the longer stays this year in Canada and The Bahamas.

Will I make it? That remains to be seen but I'm going to give it 100% from here on out!