Guardians of the Galaxy

So much is going on in Guardians of the Galaxy that it needs a second viewing to catch it all. Once we get through the opening set-up of how young Peter Quill goes to space, the movie is then 2 hours of non-stop action. This makes for a fast paced movie that never lags and is always visually interesting but leaves little time to catch up with what is going on. I found myself wanting to linger on watching the visual effects since they are amazing but the fast pace moves to fast to allow this.

The story is how the Guardians come together as a team, all of them leading less than desirable lives and then finding their heart and friendship with one another. They do this of course but the fast pace of the movie doesn't allow the audience time to emotionally connect when this happens but that's actually okay. That connection isn't needed.

Guardians of the Galaxy movie posters and promos make it look like a kid's movie but it's not. It's a smart movie with lots of humor, lots of shoot em up scenes (comic book style no blood and gore) and in a rarity, the two lead CGI characters are as good if not better than the portrayed by actor characters.

I'm sure there is a lot that people can dislike about this movie. Sometimes it goes too fast, you can't keep track of all the relationships, and there's only 3 main female characters one of which (Glenn Close as Nova Prime) only looks worried.  The other two (Zoe Saldana as Gamora and Karen Gillan as Nebula) are at least kick-ass and strong.

I liked the movie and if you're a fan of non-stop science fiction action, give this one a go. If you're looking for an intellectual, thought provoking movie, then skip it or go in with the understanding that Guardians of the Galaxy is simply fun times and enjoy the ride.