Nuevo Vallarta

In hot, humid Mexico for a work conference. I've got a good view from my air-conditioned room and am staying away from mosquito beach. While the water looks good and is inviting, being outside during the day has some disadvantages. Luckily we're kept in meetings so the temptation to go outside is minimal.
The Grand Velas resort where we're staying is mainly for families. Business is an odd contrast to children running around and people enjoying their vacation. I guess for as much as I like cruises, I am not an all-inclusive resort sort of person.
We had a show the first night with belly dancers. They were moving to fast to photograph but I snapped the camera at the right time for this one.


  1. Always a bummer when you are working and everyone else is on vacation. That's how I felt on every trip to Key West except when I had a free weekend!


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