Nuevo Vallarta

I get that Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area conjures up fantasies of warm tropical beaches and umbrella drinks. It has that. Replace warm with 95+ temps, humidity that keeps you drenched in sweat, mosquito bites from the lush landscape, and needing the drinks to stay sane and you're in Vallarta.
I can't deny it is beautiful. Some beauty is best served by being on an air-conditioned luxury yacht with cover from the sun. I was on more of a party boat and one that had no swimming or a/c. The good life.
So after 90 minutes of baking in the sun, I was happy to turn away from the rock that we came to sea and head back to hotel home. Still, even I had to pause a moment and pick out my vacation home. I choose the red one. Tucked away more like a shack compared to the luxury homes on the hill, this one seemed the perfect spot for me to watch the boats go by.
Pending the a/c install, that is!