Above - me next to the giant lion sculpture at the British Museum. According to the plaque
the lion crowned a monumental tomb at the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea in former Knidos (now Turkey) during the Hellenistic period in the late 4th-early 3rd century BC. The eyes were probably inset with glass to catch the light.

Mondo in front of the Lord Mayor's coach at the London Museum. The London Museam doesn't try and impress you with works of art. It has the cool stuff - wax heads scarred with syphillis and leprosy, recreations of jails, exhibits of the great fire, exhibits of stuffed rats and the plague. It's free and fascinating!


  1. Way to associate Mondo with syphillis, leprosy and rats! Sounds like an episode of BtVS with Xander always getting the unfortunate infections.

    Sounds like you two maximized your time there to take in the local history.


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