The King's Speech

The King's Speech does a nice job of mixing a serious top (stuttering, not good in a King) with humor. I found myself laughing more in this movie than any other movie this week and in a good way.  Since I'm not much up on royal history I was worried I'd be bored. Not to worry, the story and the acting are so entertaining that this is was almost a relief to see a good movie.

Turns out that Queen Elizabeth's father had a stuttering problem and when faced with the prospect of becoming King (his brother ran off and married Wallis Simpson and abdicated the throne) a new speech therapist is brought in. Through unconventional methods, the speech therapist and the king to be find a way to work together and become friends. Turns out that kings-to-be don't have many friends.

I can see why the three stars (Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter) have all been nominated for awards. Guy Pearce made for a believable King Edward VIII who was so in love with a woman that he would leave the throne for her. If the film character is anything like the real guy, then Britain was lucky he bailed.

The movie takes place right before Hitler declares war on Britain and provides a good historical glimpse into the moment before full war break out and what was going on in the government.

You'll either like it or be bored. If you are thinking about seeing The King's Speech then you are in the camp of Likes. If you'd rather be dragged by wild horses than see a British comedy, run.


  1. Oh, yay! I was hoping this would be good.


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