True Grit

Kudos to True Grit for being a watchable, mostly good movie!  While not quite best picture quality, the movie has a couple of great performances and is fun to watch. True Grit is unusual for a western in that the lead is female and the character is 14.  Luckily for us Hailee Steinfeld doesn't suck and is fully able to carry the movie. I've never seen the original so we'll toss that out now and take this True Grit at face value.

Jeff Bridges makes a great Rooster Cogburn and the best thing is that Rooster stays a bad-ass throughout the movie. Josh Brolin is only in the movie for a short time as the bad guy but he nails it. Matt Damon as the #3 in the partnership of Rooster, the girl, and Matt Damon kind of plays himself in the west.

So you have the girl who sets out to hire a US Marshall to bring in the man who killed her father.  Circumstance puts the 3 leads out on the reservation in the wild west to complete the task. It's gritty, people get shot, animals get shot, kids get smacked around. All good.

What I was most relieved was that the Coen brother's trademark of quirky characters was kept to a minimum. The couple of quirky guys that were encountered took me out of the movie and I felt like I was waiting for the out of place scene to end so we could get back to the story. Once we were back in everything flowed again and it is nice to see a western that isn't romance and love but with interesting people with flaws.

Who's True Grit for?  Western fans and most people that I know. Who's it not for?  Judgmental people who won't be able to overlook the character's flaws. People who don't like westerns.  People who are really going to freak when animals are hurt (even though it's not real and only a movie). Even though it's rated R, I have a feeling that most 10 - 12 year old kids would love this movie. Not saying parents should bring them but the kids would love it.