Tron: Legacy (IMAX 3D)

Three decades later and Tron: Legacy is the same non-event as the original. If you never saw the original Tron, it's about real people getting trapped inside a video game. Then lots of visual effects happen, video game fights happen, and we as the audience get bored and don't really care if the people escape the game.

For those of you who saw the original, you'll like the continuity of having Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner in the sequel. Boxleitner only has a small role but it is appreciated.  For those of you who never the original, you don't need to.

Tron is visually watchable and the music and sound are the best things going for the movie. Unfortunately the music and visuals together with the boring plot are really relaxing and you might find yourself on the verge of a little theater nap. 

If you have to go see Tron: Legacy, I recommend the regular 2D screen. Don't pay more for IMAX or 3D unless it's the only choice.  No one will really hate the movie but chances are good that you will be disappointed.


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