Golden Globes

For the first time in what seems like forever, I have not seen any of the 10 movies that were nominated for Best Picture. Not even Gravity which is a movie that I would normally see but I was out of the country during its box office run. And the sad part about this is that I don't mind. None of those movies seem at all interesting to me. Where's the Hobbit? Catching Fire? I'm sure I'll see Frozen on an airplane but the rest of them can wait. That doesn't bode well for the Oscar's or any other award shows that I normally watch.

A check of the BAFTA nominees looks exactly like the Globes, ditto Director's Guild. This makes life easy. I don't have to try and see any last remaining movies on my list since 10 is too many to get caught up with!

The Lego movie looks more fun that the serious movies, so I think skip the theaters until February!