Home Sweet Home

While a business trip over Christmas seemed like a good idea at the time, I was surprised how much more work is involved with returning home!

Christmas cards. There's a few of those to go through and open. Thank-you for the great family photos from my friends. I love seeing your kids all grown up these days and some of them are getting really tall!

Christmas decorations. I guess those can stay up a few more days.

Credit cards and appointments. I forgot to update my dentist with my new credit card number. Sorry! And now I have to make another appointment with the other dentist. Because somehow, one dentist is never enough. Turns out I was a Target shopper and my card was on the compromised list. I had no debit card to use on vacation and had to activate the new one today.

Smoke detectors. Mine are always beeping for random no good reason. Does anyone else have that with interconnected alarms? There are 6 in my house and they like to follow the leader. That was last night's fun until I finally made the leader happy with a couple of resets.

Laundry - enough said there. I'm glad it's only one suitcase of clothes.

Empty fridge - Last night's McDonald's meal wasn't going to win me any healthy points. Time for a Trader Joe's run!

The backyard. I think I'll ignore it's existence as few more days also.

But, even with the extra stuff to do, I am so glad to be in my own house. Happy New Year and welcome 2014!