Who and why is so much energy spent to be a lame individual? If you are smart enough to hack computers then you are smart enough to get a good job, doing good not evil. After another round of paranoid password resets (and I'm never going to remember all these new ones) and complete dumping of cookies, saved files, it's still not enough. Lockdown on new Twitter feeds (where this seems to be coming from) and that limits half the fun of Twitter.

Then the realization that nothing from Twitter connects to anywhere else that I have e-addresses so the mystery grows. I think the email from the phisher is hacked from another person because when I found a likely candidate, this person's profile seemed normal. Bummer for her, bummer for me.

Virus scan and malware scans check out okay from three different sources.

Blech! The battle continues.


  1. Looks like your blog has been spammed. You might want to delete that comment above mine. My guess is your foreign travel is getting you in trouble. And change passwords if not usernames for important sites. Scanning with more than one antivirus helps. I recently installed the free version of Avast and it seems to be working, even finding some infected files my previous antivirus didn't catch.


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