On My Mind

Thoughts of the week.

  1. When you're trying to do something with your Blog, save the template so you don't forget what it was you had and liked.
  2. Siri is not that exciting. I made a commitment to use Siri this weekend and I did. Then I was bored. Maybe the next step is to set up voice activated calls.
  3. No matter how bad your day is, it wasn't really. Unless your house burnt down in the Colby/Glendale fire and then you whole month has been ruined.
  4. I'm not able to function in an office environment anymore. I spent 3 days at an office and I'm so programmed to working to music that I had to be anti-social and pop in my ear buds and turn on iTunes so I could block out gossip, silence, and listening to other people's conversations.
  5. Is it really tax season already?