Saturday Thoughts

7:30 am. I don't seem to be showered, dressed, and running out the door like I had planned in my mind last night. In my ideal world I thought it would be great to exercise as the beach at 6 am, come home, shower and be at Wal-Mart by 8 am to avoid the crowds. Then pop on over to Best Buy and purchase a new printer with my Best Buy gift card from Best Western (those nights and points can be used for gift cards!) and be home by 9 am.

Nope. At 6 am I realized life was good waking up in your own bed and coffee called. Then goofing off online took priority, then more coffee, and next thing here I am. And Best Buy doesn't even open until 10 am so what was all that planning for anyway?

A sunny Saturday like this is meant for relaxing. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. I relaxed in bed until 9:30. Thinking of bike ride after breakfast.


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