Happy New Year and everything that goes with it!

I've finished up my work in Sao Paulo and have a few days before heading off to my next business destination. It's 8:30 am now and if all goes well, by my time this evening there should be a new hotel view photo to share with everyone.

While I have found Sao Paulo to be a boring tourist city, I am aware that thousands of people were on Ave. Paulista for a massive NYE celebration. That being 45 minutes away and over $100 in taxi fare, I decided not to check it out. So NYE was spent rather boringly in the empty business district with other misplaced business travelers in the hotel lounge.

This was my second NYE in South America in the last two years. Last time, I was leaving Ecuador back to the US and we hit NYE during take-off. You could see the fireworks down below and all over Central America.

2014. I can't wait to see what fun it holds!