Blood Labs

Once again I was getting jabbed in the arm for cholesterol and general "labs" testing. Having not eaten for 16 hours, I was hoping for better results than last year's 199 number which left only 1 spare when coming in under the desired 200. HDL, LDL, Triglycerides all at wonderful levels.

This year, I not only passed but got a full breakdown of stuff I didn't even know about.

For example: C02, BUN, Creatinine and other assortments that measure liver and kidney health. All good. Yay!

Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, and Glucose levels. All good. Yay!

Vitamin D. - The D stands for Deficient. What?!!

Didn't see that one coming. I live by the beach. I am in the sun. I eat Salmon. I can live with this. Given all the other results are great, it's time to go out and get a bottle of Flintstones vitamins!


  1. I was low on D too. The doctor says it is because we use sunscreen. He has me taking 2000 IU of vitamin a day, and now my levels are normal.


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