Plan 9 Alehouse Escondido

Escondido isn't known for fun new eateries so it was nice to have Plan 9 Alehouse open up on Grand. Serving a good selection of local beer plus a couple of their own, this is an alternative to the same burger and brew that we habit. I'd say this is a bit of a work in progress but the grilled shrimp that I had for dinner were totally delicious. The desserts are made in-house.
The dinner menu is limited so you don't have to read through endless pages but the selection might not appeal to everyone. There is a kid's menu for and a space at the back for children to play and they stayed in their area and didn't annoy the beer drinkers. Thank-you Plan 9 for that space separation! Below is the lemon dessert. I ate it all :) If you're in Escondido and want to support small business and good beer, give Plan 9 Alehouse a go.