Nose Selfie

Nose shots are not easy! Even with a face view camera getting that close up to semi turn out was several tried and then I gave up. But this was too good not to share. I went to the doctor for my annual physical (decade annual in my case) and she did the skin pre-cancer check with the cool device with the light that can see under the skin. Lo and behold (I knew it too!) there was a spot on my nose that was not good. Out came the spray can of liquid nitrogen and the zapping began. Three rounds later this is what I look like. I said no to the bandage and am now waiting for the giant blister to begin.  These were two small dry spots that didn't stand out. Go figure, the big bumps are simply fat cells. No medical reason to justify insurance paying for those. What a bummer. 


  1. My doctor "burned" a part of my ear that had damage. And yes, he called it "burning" but it was cold. That was over two years ago and I can still see the spot. No skin cancer as of my last visit, just some sun damage on my face that causes redness.


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