What was that? Water? Coming from the sky?

We had a slight sprinkle of water falling from the sky today. This caused major traffic accidents and near panic on Southern California roads. It took me two hours to get from LAX to Anaheim. We have an energy alert to not use too much heat tonight or tomorrow. It's 54F at 8:28 pm.

My heater is on.

One of my work visitors here is from Indonesia. His hotel location gives him a 5 minutes walk to work. He woke up and turned on the news and heard about our winter storm and thought "oh no, I have to walk in a storm." Then he discovered to his amusement, a barely splash of water sort of coming down from the sky. To put it in perspective, he showed us a photo of a co-worker's home back in Indonesia that is flooded shoulder high from a storm. People are swimming, not walking.

I'm glad for the rain since we need it but the amount of traffic accidents I saw today was crazy. The amount of people speeding and weaving in and out of traffic is the reason why all these accidents happen.

Respect the rain.